Ambrossia Restaurant
Serving breakfast, lunch and diner
Indoor area 944, Outdoor area 672 seat capacity
Pomona Restaurant
Serving breakfast, lunch, children's dinner and diner
Indoor area 234, Outdoor area 200 seat capacity
Moby Dick Snack

Serving Children's snack and cookies time
Morning : :09.00-12:00
Evening : 14:00-17:00

80 seat capacity.
Long John Silver Bar
(Ada Snack)
Serving, Snack and coffee.
340 seat capacity

Navigator's Bar &
Open-air Disco
Serving Midnight Snack between 24:00-03:00 hours
600 seat capacity
Horoscopia Bar
100 seat capacity
Nautilius Discothek
Indoor disco& bar.
250 seat capacity
Kinds of dessert and pastry are served.
54 seat capacity
Beach Bars
Snack and beverage services